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Democratizing MBSE With Open-Source Tool Capella - Shared screen with speaker view
malcolm lunn
For the basis of technical review and models Management of process, I find the MBSE push is going in company but review of a function or element is not in the model. Models are used to generate the documents and specifications(feed the documents with a structure) and this makes consistent documents for help, but its not model or MBSE to review designs or manage process. Perhaps its a step towards MBSE if your optimist or realist that its a transition and company will get to MBSE is the review of design.
Jack Stein
Yes Happy Canada Day and 4th of July to all. This is big celebration week in Detroit/Windsor.
Jeffrey Wallk
malcolm lunn
Does anyone else have the review of work products from MBSE, and some think their update is correct and completed(cascaded or reused). But its not in the model, some get this difference in work and others are working in the products and document yet.
malcolm lunn
For one of the prior slides risk management was the challlenger example, how is MBSE process finding risk beyond other methods of FMEA, HARA, etc.
Jeffrey Wallk
Another approach is to introduce linked open data modeled around scenarios
Jack Stein
The concept of "capability" is also promoted by Charles Wasson.
malcolm lunn
Functional safety (ISO 26262) can be a scenario and event discussion in MBSE. It has the HARA, Safety goals, Functional safety concept, Technical safety requirements but these are classified from severity, exposure and control charts to an ASIL. It management of the process and how to be “safe”. Not a risk approach of FMEA is my opinion.
Jack Stein
I think I agree with that Mac.
Patrick Ndimurukundo
What is the difference between Mode and State in Capella?
Grace Kennedy
Are there any built in profiles from architecture frameworks? Can you develop your own profiles?
Jeffrey Wallk
Thank you Stephane
Dan Menoher
nice talk! Thank you!
Mark Gottlieb
Thank you!
Grace Kennedy
Thanks Stephane and all! Enjoyed the presentation and hearing how the chapters are working over in the states!